Read about selected work below. If you’d like a full list of positions held, publications, awards, and other miscellany, you can connect with me on LinkedIn

At CARE, I conducted interviews with personnel across Latin America and other regions to develop a communications needs assessment for improved private sector partner recruitment. 

I also analyzed trends in USAID/USG grant funding in Latin America in order to better position CARE’s regional goals. I researched and and synthesized a range of sources on future NGO funding landscape to support redesign of regional business operating model.

I additionally contributed research and language to organizational policy on the gendered dimensions of migration in Central America. 




Most of my work in this role involved advocating against the detention, deportation, and mistreatment of asylum-seekers from Latin America & the Caribbean.

I prepared research and advocacy material for distribution to Congress and use in hearing and briefings, supported a report launch, and wrote material in English and Spanish for the Americas Advocacy Director’s meetings with press, government, and coalition members.

I also worked directly with the Senior Managing Director for Government Relations and Americas Advocacy Director to research and write sign-on letters, blog posts, and vote recommendations against policies like immigration bans and the border wall on tight deadlines. 

Internship funded by Agnes Advantage Award

Over three years, I held 300+ individual and group tutoring sessions on public speaking, academic writing of any discipline, ESOL, and job/fellowship/postgraduate applications to impart long-term written and oral communications proficiency.

Each year, I collaborated with a professor to co-teach an interdisciplinary leadership seminar for 20 first-year students, with subject foci in English and Philosophy. Through classroom presentations and external workshops and tutoring, I worked with students to achieve learning outcomes on their own terms.

As the chair of the Center’s staff digital media committee, I lead an innovative team in optimizing the Center’s multiplatform online presence in order to encourage more students to use our services.

As Teaching Assistant for PHI-111 (Problems of Philosophy), I helped students master introductory epistemology and metaphysics material through weekly individualized tutoring sessions.

In addition to clarifying course content, I organized regular workshops on reading comprehension in philosophy, argument analysis and evaluation, writing in philosophy, and mapping arguments.