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As an intern at CARE, I conducted interviews with CARE personnel across Latin America and other regions to develop a communications needs assessment for improved private sector partner recruitment. 

I also analyzed trends in USAID/USG grant funding in Latin America in order to better position CARE’s regional goals. I researched and and synthesized a range of sources on future NGO funding landscape to support redesign of regional business operating model.

I additionally contributed research and language to organizational policy on the gendered dimensions of migration in Central America. 

In this role, I tracked U.S. Congressional actions with human rights impact in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially violations of rights to asylum in the U.S. I prepared advocacy briefs and research for distribution to Congressional offices and use in Congressional briefings. 

I prepared material in English and Spanish for the Americas Advocacy Director’s media interviews and meetings with government officials and coalition members.

I also worked directly with the Senior Managing Director for Government Relations and Americas Advocacy Director to research and write sign-on letters, blog posts, and vote recommendations. 

Internship funded by Agnes Advantage Award

For three years, I coached undergraduate students at diverse levels of proficiency on writing and speaking work (like research papers, public speaking, fellowship applications, and job interview preparation).

Each year, I collaborated with a professor to co-teach an interdisciplinary leadership seminar for 20 first-year students, with subject foci in English and Philosophy. Through classroom presentations and external workshops and tutoring, I worked with students to achieve learning outcomes on their own terms.

As the digital media chair, I lead an innovative digital media team in optimizing the Center’s multiplatform online presence in order to encourage more students to use our services.

As Teaching Assistant for PHI-111 (Problems of Philosophy), I helped clarify course material (introductory epistemology and metaphysics) for students through weekly individualized tutoring sessions.

I supplemented course instruction through workshops focused on breaking down argument structures, writing in philosophy, and mapping arguments.